About us

Oz Geoscience is a small consultant office in Bahrain which specializes on  fractured reservoir studies by data integration in carbonate and clastic oil and gas  reservoirs.

 We are two partners: Sait I. Ozkaya and Joerg  E. Mattner. 
S. Ozkaya is a structural geologist with Ph. D from University of Missouri USA.  He specializes mainly on natural fractures and has published several papers on the subject. He has also degrees in engineering and computer science.

J. Mattner  has a Ph. D from Clausthal University in Germany.  His expertise on regional tectonics and prospect evaluation is widely appreciated by upstream hydrocarbon companies. 

Our clients are mainly oil companies in the Middle East. We have successfully completed fractured reservoir studies in more than 30 fields from Oman to S. Arabia and Kuwait.

Although our focus is on fracture studies, we have a wide spectrum of activities from borehole image interpretation to generation of software tools for fracture analysis. We also conduct short courses for oil companies on fractures.